Book Reviews

Advanced Bridge Defence - Eddie Kantar

Modern Bridge Defence - Eddie Kantar 

Bridge à la Carte - Victor Mollo 

Spotlight on Card Play - Darvas and Lucas

Bridge: The First Principles” and “Bridge: The Golden Principle - Jeremy Flint and Freddie North

Why You Lose at Bridge - S.J.Simon

Secrets of Winning Bridge - Jeff Rubens

Law of Total Tricks - Eric Crowhurst




1. Encounters of the third kind

2. The acid test

3. Out for the count

4. The Oxford club challenge




So you want to improve your results at your Bridge Club


1.Bridge is a partnership game – try and play with a regular partner.

2.Ask your regular partner to agree to work together to get better.

3.Find a stronger player at your Club who will answer questions.

4.Each time you play with your regular partner, try to pick out a hand and work through it afterwards: the bidding, the play, the defence… over a cup of tea. Come up with a serious question or two to ask your ‘stronger player’.

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