The County’s Constitution lists the overall objectives for the Association. The first and most important of these is “To promote and assist in the development of duplicate contract bridge in the county of Oxfordshire”.

The Management Committee recognises that this is a joint responsibility of county and affiliated clubs and needs to cater for the whole county geographically and for players of all ability and experience. It has set up teams responsible for carrying out the plan for the development of duplicate bridge in Oxfordshire.

These teams and their individual overall aims, approved by the Management Committee, are as follows (please click on the highlighted headings to view more detailed objectives):


Education and Duplicate Bridge Promotion: To ensure the provision throughout Oxfordshire of bridge education appropriate to all levels from beginner to county standard.  To encourage and support individuals and groups to play bridge and minibridge and to help those wishing to progress to duplicate bridge. 

Leader – Alison Nicolson

Others - Ian Mitchell, Dave Watkins, Judy Wesselbaum, Gaye Kyle, Ken Langdon.

Selection and County Team Management: To improve the performance of all the county teams while ensuring that county-level bridge is fully integrated with other bridge activity in the county.

Leader - Alan Wilson

Ex officio - Alan Wilson as captain and Nick Smith as Chairman of the Selection Committee

CompetitionsTo ensure that county level competitions meet the needs of Oxfordshire’s duplicate bridge players throughout Oxfordshire at all levels of experience and ability

Leader - John Rowe

Members : Nigel Wilkes: Competitions Secretary (also Wessex League) , Chief TDs: John Rowe (Organising), Kathy Talbot (Consulting), Sandra Claridge: Chester Cup and Presidents Cup/PlateOrganiser, Claire McDonagh: (money/catering) Geoff Nicholas: Seniors,  John Slater: Ladders & Premiership,  Sandra Nicolson: Honours boards & trophies


Youth: To encourage and support children to play bridge and mini bridge

Team members: Joan Bennett, Alison Nicolson and Holly Kilpatrick.


Social: To promote playing and learning opportunities appropriate to those who see duplicate bridge primarily as a social rather than competitive experience

Leader - Annabel Wade

Infrastructure: To manage the finances, premises, communication and people needed to realise the aims of the other teams

Leader – Robert Procter

Ex officio members - Peter Litchfield as Treasurer, Stephen Brown as Website Officer



Mon Aug 13 @11:00 - 15:30
Seniors Pairs
Mon Sep 10 @11:00 - 15:30
Seniors Pairs
Tue Sep 18 @10:00 -
Festival of Bridge