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Bridgemate App for the Swiss Pairs

Results from the congress, including analysed hand records, are being uploaded to the Bridgemate app. To access these results you need to install the app on your I-phone or android, and add Bridgemate UK as a club [in England/Berkshire]. You will be able to see the detailed results in a 7-board match once you've completed it.


Please don't use the app within the playing area as there will be other tables in play. The app isn't VP-aware, so you'll have to convert your percentage for the 7-board match into VPs using the table on page 2 of your scoring booklet.

Congress 11-12th June 2016


We organised Swiss Pairs on the Saturday, Swiss Teams on the Sunday at the Marlborough School Enterprise Centre, Shipton Road, Woodstock OX20 1LP.


Saturday 11th June: Green Pointed Swiss Pairs. The Sandra Landy Trophy is awarded to the leading non-expert pair

Sunday 12th June:  Green Pointed Swiss Teams 


 Congratulations to the Sandra Landy NE winners: Richard Cross & Carol McKinnon

sabdra landy winners

We were pleased to have several juniors at our congress. Here are some with Holly Kilpatrick:

 oxford juniors with holly kilpatrick




Oxford Congress Swiss Pairs Result

Congratulators to the winners: Sarah O'connor &pairs winners Mike Bell, winners of the Swiss Pairs 

Congratulation to the winners of the Swiss Teams: Paula Hopkinson, David Patterson, Hugh Thomson, Mike Webley

 teams winners congress 2016



Monthly / Weekday Events

Seniors Pairs - 2nd Monday of each month at Wallingford BC 

Mens & Ladies Pairs - Date to be confirmed in 2018


Sunday Events

Swiss Pairs Championship (BLUE POINTED)- Sunday 3rd December 2017 [Probably OBC]

County Pairs Semifinal on 28th January 2018 [Oxford & Wallingford Bridge Club]

Harwell Cup (BLUE POINTED) - Sunday 11th February 2018 [Wallingford Bridge Club]

County Pairs Final (GREEN POINTED) - Sunday 11th March 2018 [Probably OBA]

Mixed Pairs - Sunday 13th May 2018 [OBA]

Congress (GREEN POINTED)- Saturday / Sunday 9-10th June 2018 [Woodstock]


Teams Events 

President's Cup (GREEN POINTED) - entries by 31st August 2017. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chester Cup - started again in April 2017. Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wessex League - please liaise with  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


OBA Mens Pairs 6th October 2015

5 Table 27 Board Howell Movement Director: RD Scorer: RD

RankPairNames [OVERALL RANKS]TotalMax%ScoreLPs
1 3 Alan Wilson & Nick Smith 135.00 216 62.50 48
2 7 Bill Timms & Ashley Cooper 120.00 216 55.56 36
3 5 Aleksandar Lishkov & Chris Wilson 119.00 216 55.09 24
4 10 Jaap Hoek & Michiel Cottaar 115.00 216 53.24 12
5 6 Hugh Thomson & David Patterson 113.00 216 52.31
6 9 Robert Dixon & James Anderson 107.00 216 49.54
7 2 John Williams & Michael Robinson 106.00 216 49.07
8 4 Chris Kerr & Rob Procter 99.00 216 45.83
9 1 Chris Whelan & Anthony Harris 89.00 216 41.20
10 8 David Dobson & Brian Wright 77.00 216 35.65


Mon Aug 13 @11:00 - 15:30
Seniors Pairs
Mon Sep 10 @11:00 - 15:30
Seniors Pairs
Tue Sep 18 @10:00 -
Festival of Bridge