19-20 November 2016 - Tollemache Qualifier (Birmingham)


For the first time in about 25 years, Oxfordshire qualiied for the Tollemache Final in February 2017, coming top of the 9-team Group C and qualifying along with Kent.


Oxfordshire were represented by Alan Wilson (capt) & Nick Smith; Chris Wilson & Abbey Smith; Chris Cooper & Ed Jones, and Robert Procter & Michael Robinson.  A very brief report by the captain appears here.


In the final, held in Solihull, Oxon finished 8 out of 8, behind the winners, London. Procter/Robinson were replaced by Aleks Lishkov & Ian Angus.





21-22 November 2015, Birmingham, Tollemache Qualifier

Once again, Oxfordshire finished 3rd in its qualifying group, with the top two (only) qualifying for the final in February. A report from John Slater, the NPC, is to be found here. Team: Chris Cooper/Ed Jones; Robert Procter/ Michael Robinson; Abbey Smith/Chris Wilson; Nick Smith/Alan Wilson; Kathy & Denis Talbot; Non-playing captain John Slater

Group B result: 1st Middx 130 VPs, 2nd Worcs 105 VPs, 3rd Oxon 100 VPs, 4th Glos 85 VPs, 5th Staffs & Shrops 79 VPs.

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